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Engineering TERM 2 results are NOT yet available!

 Please note, the department does not give us an actual release date for results. Please wait for an sms from the college that we will send when they come out. If you do not get sms's from the college please email:

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Engineering Practicals Continue

What is engineering with only notes that #FillUpYourBook but no practical side of it? NOTHING! Denver Technical College offers free practical training to its students. Those practical trainings prepare the students for the world of work thus increasing the student’s employment opportunities. These trainings are to get them workshop-ready for the apprentice training. The training offered at Denver Technical College is customised and responsive to the needs of students and industry and the careers we promote through training in various modes of structured learning are essential for the economic upliftment of the South African economy, hence we say WE BUILD FOR THE NATION. Not only will you gain from being associated with our college but you will directly or indirectly be contributing to bridging the South African skills gap.

Practicals End on 16th September 2016


This is mainly for those who are new enrollments or are not waiting for their results. Results for Term 2 2016 have not been issued out yet by the Dpt of Education and when they do we hope all the best to those who wrote. Please wait for an SMS stating when results have come out. if you have not been receiving sms's please email and send the correct phone number.

To register you need to bring

  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of payment of Registration fee
  • Copies of all recent results

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Graduation Ceremony 2016

The annual Certificate and Diploma Graduation Ceremony took place at the Wesly Methodist Church in Pretoria Central. The turnout of students graduating at the ceremony was a success. We had 66 graduates (42 N6 Certificate  and 24 Diploma). The event was graced by the likes of Mr JM Sithole (BAhons Industrial Sociology) the former principal before Mr Mwale took over then Mr M Freddy.He was the guest speaker for the day. Prof Charles Mugerwa (Phd Music) was also present and he shared as the chairperson for the day. Mr M Freddy (BCom Marketing, Diploma in Education& Higher National Diploma in Marketing), the principal of Denver Technical College, shared a moving , encouraging message of hope with the graduates.  The day was a day full of success and we cant wait for 2017. Graduation applications for 2017 will be open in October 2016.



10 Year Anniversary

This year is Denver Technical Colleges 10th year of operation after being registered in 2006. We have now for a full decade been empowering the youth of the nation by giving them a qualification to build their lives upon.

Since being registered we have graduated over 5000 students with N6 for both Engineering and Management studies. This number nearly quadruples if we include those students who have qualified with N2 and N3 certificates. Lets join together as we celebrate our 10th year !!


Its Women's Month!

Lets celebrate women this month.

"You, the women of South Africa, are one of the most powerful people on Earth. Change what you believe is possible for yourself."